During the corona lockdown, I, and many other creatives, struggled with adapting to our new working environment. Especially during the first weeks, I struggled a lot with feelings of being ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck’. 

Luckily, there are many resources, especially online, to help us out. Unfortunately, only ‘knowing’ tips didn’t help me in the long run. I decided to incorporate creative techniques to reset your mind in a little randomising tool. Whenever you generate a number, it correlates with a card, that gives you some advice and a kind of ‘mission’ to get you going again. 

The format of grabbing a ‘tool’ instead of just reading some self-help article is also important. You go from a ‘reflective-thinking-mode’, doubting yourself, telling yourself you can’t  work, into a ‘doing-mode’. 
Each card has a very different approach, inspired by different sources like the dadaism movement or the mental health foundation. They all also have slightly different illustrations, that reflect the advice given on the cards. 

This set, with eight pieces of advice is aimed at creatives. But this system could be adapted into advice for many kinds of jobs, or even for people working from home in general. I‘d have to do more research though and consult with coaches, neurologists and mental health professionals before releasing it to the public. 

This version, which I specifically designed with myself and similar creatives in mind, will be available as a free downloadable print ready file soon for anyone to access. 
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